Entry #1

hello new grounds!

2014-01-19 23:32:11 by DevinDays

im quite new to this site. Someone mention to me i should try it cause its a kool place. and i agree i love the movies and art and comics on hereXD im here to post some nice stuff too. i hope you'll like it


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2014-01-20 00:11:18

Hi, welcome to Newgrounds! I guess this is a friendly place... or at least more honestly friendly than dA. It takes a bit of effort to make friends or fans. Most of the chatty type frequent General http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/forum/1

DevinDays responds:

thanks for the info, i will try chatting on there, o what does it mean you havent been scouted yet, ive been seeing it by my art posts but i dont get it...what does it mean?


2014-01-20 06:36:38

Welcome to the site!

DevinDays responds:

Thanks :D~


2014-01-20 21:14:53

(too lazy to find link) If you have 4 pieces of art, a scouted artist can scout you... then your work will (if you choose) to appear in the Art Portal. As it is now, all your work is through your blog, and any tags won't be picked up in a search (though it's going to be an option soonish).

(eh..) http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/help-information/content-submission/art Scouts usually look for lots of hand drawn, colorful detailed works. After you post a few of those, hopefully a Scouted artist will notice... usually helps to comment on other artists' work, then curiosity will point back to your post.

There's also a Chat-thingy too... that's listed at the bottom of the Community drop-down menu.