Entry #2

Picking Adventure time!

2014-02-04 20:38:55 by DevinDays

Hey i feel like doing an adventure time drawing....BUT I DONT KNOW WHICH ONE!! throw your suggestions and i shall pick one!! or which ever one people keep requesting


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2014-02-04 21:09:46

Draw Josef Stalin.

DevinDays responds:

not really an adventure time character...hmm but i does get me thinking of him drawing him in that style tho


2014-02-04 22:15:46

How about Lemongrab ?

(Updated ) DevinDays responds:

THIS...IS UNACCEPTABLE!! just kidding i love that dude and the ideal


2014-02-12 21:13:35

ive finish the picture!! i will post it this weekend:) thanks for the ideals:D